Complex Numbers, a+bi, can be written in Trigonometric form as r(cosθ+isinθ) where r is the square root of a2+b2. and θ is equal to tan-1(b/a). Euler’s formula states that reiθ is another way to write r(cosθ+isinθ) with r and θ being the same. Find the complex number –1 +0i in all three forms. Then Find Ln(-2).  Hint: Use the Logarithmic Identiy, Ln(ab) = Ln(a) + Ln(b)



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-1 + 0i = eiπ = 1(Cos(π)+isin(π))

Which implies that the

ln(-2) = ln(2)+ln(-1)

ln(-2) = ln(2)+ln(eiπ)

ln(-2) = ln(2)+iπlne

ln(-2) = ln(2)+iπ

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